Take a load off. We’ve got this.

We know how frustrating it can be juggling between multiple sites while fundrasing for your organization. Eventbrite for event fundraising, GoFundme for Social-Goal-Page fundraising, ActBlue or CrisomRed for Political fundraising, CashMe for Twitter donations; and how do you accept donations through a phone call?  What about Facebook donations?  Where does all of the donor info go? Can I reach out to may donors later?


RazSum Cash is the answer.  It is the only platform that allows you to accept donations across fundraising channels (via phone-call, web, facebook, text, twitter, event registration and goal page) making it super easy and convenient for your donors, and for you to meet your fundraising goals.  It aggregates all of your donor data into one platform, for easy management.

What are you fundraising for?

How it works

Easy steps to quickly start raising money for your organization.


Sign up on a 30 Day Trial with your email or using your Facebook account.


Use the wizard to configure your RazSum.cash fundraising campaign.


Post, tweet, text and push your RazSum donation methods to your potential supporters.