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Keeping track of multiple logins is no fun. Whether you're accepting donations via your website, a dial-in phone number, or text RazSum has one comprehensive solution for every way you accept donations.
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Integrated System

The only subscription based fundraising platform that combines the features of multiple donation platforms (phone, text, and web) all into one system. We even make it easy to donate from Social Media!
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Cashless Solution

Stop worrying if your supporters are showing up prepared. Use to make sure you're supporting your followers by offering cashless donations. Donations can be as easy as a text!
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Everything you need to start seamlessly fundraising!

We just love the word “all-inclusive.” No matter how much you raise (or how many features you use) you pay the same. Every. Single. Month! No pesky transaction fees allowed!
Features included in your monthly subscription:

Embeddable Form

Donate By Phone

Recurring Contributions

Social Share Page

Text To Donate

Unlimited Campaigns

Focus on What Really Matters.

Break free of the technical “how-to’s” of getting donations and focus on what really matters.

Your mission.

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